Friday April 26 2019 – Richard Syrett

Dr. Robert Davis, an internationally recognized scientist with a PhD in sensory neurosciences from Ohio State University been a professor for over thirty years. In the first half with Richard Syrett, he will discuss his research involving over three thousand individuals who claim to have had a UFO and/or interaction with a non-human intelligence associated with a UFO. The results as explained by the ‘Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness’ may offer important implications towards the possible nature of the contact experience, and possibly even consciousness, and reality itself. The second half will feature Open Lines.



Man Busted for Shooting Gun at Fireflies Mistaken for ‘Alien Lasers’

In a bizarre case out of Pennsylvania, a man will soon be serving prison time for firing a gun at what he believed were ‘alien lasers’ that turned out to be merely fireflies.


Tuesday April 16 2019 – George Noory

First Half: C2C weekend host, George Knapp, is a Nevada journalist who has been honored with the highest awards in broadcast journalism–the Peabody Award (twice), the Dupont Award from Columbia University, and the Edward R. Murrow Award. He will discuss the latest stories about UFOs, and the controversies surrounding disclosure.

Second Half: Don Brown served as an administrative law attorney at the Pentagon on the staff of the Navy Judge Advocate General, where he drafted legal memoranda for the Secretary of the Navy. He’ll talk about how the US Army is using a biometrics program to trace DNA of enemies for prosecution, as well as why America is still fighting in Afghanistan.