Flashing, “Hide-and-Seek” UFO Over Korea


Case 110083: Near the South Korean Army’s 56th Homeland Defense Infantry Division’s camp in the suburbs of Seoul, a certain UFO seemingly plays “Hide and Seek” with a certain Korean soldier identified only as “M.Y.”  In the suburb of Goyang City, a randomly-flashing, white light is occasionally observed in complete silence and with an aura about it.  See LEFT.  It has appeared at an estimated distance of 500 feet to one mile and at an elevation of 50° above the horizon.  On July 10 it appeared once again for about one minute.


from MUFON – UFO News https://ift.tt/2ZLnsHo

Double Sighting in Northeast Tennessee


Case 110133;  Witness #1, July 13, 2020: Apparently two (or more) witnesses on a camping trip in northeast Tennessee observed a near-circular object for one hour at 3 p.m. in full daylight and with a partially-cloudy sky.  “We were camping in Unicoi County [Tennessee] and saw a round light in the sky. It seemed to be hovering in place as clouds moved below the object. [I] took pictures with [my cell] phone and then with [my] 300mm digital camera. When zooming in there appears to be a chevron in the middle of a circle with a glowing edge.”
The craft was characterized as a “circle” (as viewed by Witness #1).  Her/his photo is shown left.

Case 110135; Witness #2, July 14, 2020:  On the next day, also in northeast Tennessee, witness #2 claims to have photographed a craft, characterized by the witness as a “Tic Tac”.


from MUFON – UFO News https://ift.tt/2WDvNuQ

Are UFOs a threat? We need to investigate, says former head of secret US program

https://ift.tt/2powR5C no denying that America has an enduring fascination with unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. However, UFO interest extends far beyond the U.S. — sightings are reported worldwide, and multiple observations in far-flung locations describe aerial objects that are uncannily similar to each other, Luis Elizondo, former head of a top-secret U.S. government agency tasked with investigating UFOs, recently told Live Science.

from FOX News https://ift.tt/30d845O

Triangle Near the Whakaari Island Volcano?


Case 106419: While on a day trip in the Bay of Plenty, North Island, New Zealand, a local resident took the photograph pictured below of what he called the White Island volcano.  On my atlas it is called Whakaari Island and is about 30 miles north of the nearest coastal town of Opotiki.  Reading the witness’ description of the event, he was unaware of the “airplane” in the same scene while the volcano was apparently venting at the time.  The witness submitted the photo to MUFON asking, “Could it be an airplane?”  The witness did not describe it as a disc, triangle or even a Boeing 737.


from MUFON – UFO News https://ift.tt/2C5A2s0

Multi-Colored Orbs Sighted Over Taos


Case 107953: In the early morning of September 1, Jenny Meadowcroft’s sleep was disturbed by her cat.  Awakened, though it was still dark, she saw three, large orbs the size of basketballs just above the tree line, move from right to left at high speed.  Her description was, “They were white in the front, turning to blue and then red.”  They were absolutely silent and, to Meadowcroft, “beautiful” but left her “a little scared.”  As it turned out, three other local witnesses saw similar objects in the region during the previous 30 days.
The next day she reported her experience to The Taos News, of Taos, New Mexico.  A reporter, Phaedra Greenwood, picked up on the story and related it to the reports of three other local residents, two from Arroyo Hondo and one from Arroyo Seco “who claim to have seen red, white and blue lights hovering over Gallina Canyon in the past month.”  See partial page from the Tuesday, September 5, 1996 issue of The Taos News.
From the news article below, Greenwood reported that, “UFO sightings commonly coincide with reports of cattle mutilations.  Since July 8, two mutilated cows, both belonging to Jesse Gonzales, have been found in Arroyo Hondo.”  She went on to state that, “A third cow that showed signs of mutilation was found in a pasture in El Prado Saturday.”  The Saturday mutilation event would have taken place on September 2 — the day after Meadowcroft’s sighting.
Meadowcroft reported the incident belatedly on April 19, 2020 to MUFON.  Her drawing of the event is shown below along with her testimony.


from MUFON – UFO News https://ift.tt/2W5tobQ

“Humming” Triangle Sighted Over Michigan


Case 108024: In the early morning in Rives Junction, Michigan, the single witness heard a “weird sound like a pulsating hum.”  Assuming it was an electrical substation across the street, he went to investigate.  As soon as he was outside his house, he heard the even louder hum coming from above and looking up he saw a triangular craft that was, according to the report, only 20 feet above his head (!).  The report states that the craft was between 100 feet and 300 feet long and had multiple exterior lights.  See drawing left.


from MUFON – UFO News https://ift.tt/3ivafJY