Saturday February 02 2019 – Richard Syrett

In 2016 the FCC made space available in the radio spectrum for consumer devices to operate on 5G. But nowhere do they mention consumer safety or well-being. Guest host Richard Syrett welcomes Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies, who’ll discuss the potential side effects of 5G technology. Followed by retired UK Detective Constable, Gary Heseltine, who has studied over 500 UFO sighting reports involving over 1000 British police officers. He’ll share the history of these sightings, including his own in 1975.

6-10pm PT: Art Bell – Somewhere in Time returns to 2/1/02 when Pam Reynolds shared her amazing NDE after she died during surgery.



Thursday January 31 2019 – George Noory

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe delves into mysterious repeating radio bursts in space, and a UFO abduction case at Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas which was linked to unexplained implants in the abductee’s legs.

First Hour: Inspirational speaker Coach Bob will share how to achieve optimal life performance and tap into your inner drive to invoke positive change.


Tuesday January 29 2019 – George Noory

First Half: Retired U.K. Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope recently obtained and published a Defense Intelligence Agency letter to Congress about the Pentagon’s UFO program, AATIP. He will discuss these latest bombshell revelations and their implications.

Second Half: Independent researcher R. L. Poole has spent the last ten years studying the mysterious Coral Castle, composed of megalithic stones. Focusing on small details, he has found clues which he believes can unlock how Ed Leedskalnin was able to create the Coral Castle all by himself.


Wednesday January 23 2019 – George Noory

First Half: Expert in alternative fuels and sustainable agriculture, David Blume, will discuss the hemp and cannabis industries and how they were suppressed by competing oil and chemical industries, but are now enjoying a comeback with inspiring applications.

Second Half: Grammy-nominated rock musician, Merrell Fankhauser, writer of "Wipe Out," is also a long-time UFO researcher. He’ll share his riveting tale about how he discovered evidence for the lost continent of Mu on Hawaii and experienced UFO sightings during this quest.