Norwegian witness encounters gray humanoid creature

PictureElverum, Norway. Credit: Google

A Norwegian witness at Elverum reported watching a gray, humanoid creature, according to testimony in Case 94117.

The witness was standing near a window and looking into the woods below at 1:07 a.m. on August 14, 2018.

“And there it was standing,” the witness stated. “A tall, humanoid creature, with long legs and arms, and a color of gray. The creature was making noise and I immediately went to the window. It was walking, or stalking me. It stared at me for some time, and after approximately 30 seconds, I was feeling a weirdness in my head, almost as if it was trying to get in my head. After 10 minutes, it went into the woods and disappeared. I hope my description is good enough. My English is a bit bad, ’cause my language is originally Norwegian.”

Norway MUFON CAG Investigator Sue Gerberding closed this case as Information Only.


from MUFON – UFO News

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