Cases of Interest: UFOs and telepathy photo from Mississippi Case 81498. Credit: MUFON

by Roger Marsh

Telepathy has a running history in the study of UFOs when witnesses testify they communicate with non-human entities without speaking. Eleven of the 241 cases logged into the recently-released book, UFO Cases of Interest, from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), include testimony the witness communicated or somehow interacted with the object.

Some describe telepathy, others intuition, the ability to summon a craft, or where the object reacts to the witness in some way.

Testimony varies and includes reports like this first case in January 2017 when the witness suggests the object was “summoned.”

A Mississippi witness at Canton reported watching and videotaping a group of “glowing, hovering orbs,” according to testimony in Case 81498.

The witness was standing outside talking to a neighbor at 1:21 p.m. on January 9, 2017.

“I saw this orb start flying around,” the witness stated. “It disappeared. Then when it reappeared, it came back with 15 more. It swirled above us for a few seconds and then disappeared.”

The witness says this is the second time she has seen UFOs and that she had summoned them.

“I know how to do it. The first time I did it, I saw the orbs, but then they morphed into a bird-like creature with white bodies and black tipped wings but continued to glow. They swirled above me and my neighbor, flew into a formation and then disappeared.”

Mississippi MUFON Field Investigator Richard Hoffman investigated this case and closed it as an Unknown-Other.

And in this January case, the witness was talking about a previous UFO case when the object appeared.

A Maine witness at Orrington reported watching two, silent, low flying, triangle-shaped objects, according to testimony in Case 82502.

The event occurred on Friday, January 13, 2017, beginning at 11:19 p.m.

“We left the Brewer Walmart around 10:50 right before they closed at 11 and we headed back towards Orrington. We were heading up the Brewer Lake Road and went around an ‘S’ turn and we had noticed these red lights down the road above the dam on the lake.”

The group was not far from the Bangor International Airport.

“So, it didn’t seem like there was anything unusual about something like that; it looked like it was just beyond the dam and it was flying parallel to the road. It looked like it could have been a plane coming in. But there was something unusual about it, so when we saw it, I started talking about, I swear, how I saw a UFO the previous January.”

The group continued to drive down the road closer to the object.

“I’m still talking about the UFO. It was like it heard me talking about UFOs because this triangular silhouette went from being far off the road and fairly high in the air (500 – 700 feet) to swooping in very close probably 400 feet off the road and 200 feet high.”

Maine MUFON State Director Valerie Schultz investigated this case and closed it as an Unknown.

Then there are the cases where the witness sees an object, and “commands” it do something.

A California witness at Santa Rosa reported watching a bright ball of light that ejected two objects, according to testimony in Case 82613.

The witness and friends went to a local high school for skateboarding on March 9, 2017.

“As we were skating around on a blacktop, a very bright light caught my attention,” the witness stated. “At first I just thought that it was Venus being magnified by the atmosphere as it was so low on the horizon and it was not obviously moving. After a minute of me continuing to skate, I looked at it again and I realized it was not in the same place that it was. Then it became obvious that it was moving.”
The witness described the object.

“It had no blinking lights and was much, much brighter than a plane or helicopter, with no sound whatsoever. I brought my two other friend’s attention to the object. It slowly moved across the sky and then at the point in which it seemed to be centered in our view, it slowed significantly.”

The witness felt as though he was communicating with the object.

“This happened within seconds of me asking, in my mind, for the object to do something to make it even more obvious that it was of otherworldly origin. This made be under the impression that this object was aware of me and my friends observing it. We continued to watch it as it continued its average speed again and then its path seemed to change from a perpendicular one to a diagonal path away from us. As the object was moving away, and we’re still watching, one of my friends was describing another UFO sighting that he had. He said something along the lines of, I was watching it and it dropped… and literally, immediately after he said that word, dropped, that object that we were currently watching dropped a twinkling light straight down from it that seemed to fall very quickly and disappeared before getting three-quarter the way to the ground.”

California MUFON Field Investigator Hady Felfly closed this case as an Unknown UAV.

In the following case, the witness believes the object is reacting to being watched.

A California witness at Rancho Cordova reported watching a disc-shaped object hovering 20 feet above the ground while others in the area seemed not to notice, according to testimony in Case 83576.

The witness and his fiancé were leaving a restaurant on Folsom Boulevard at Hazel Avenue at 8:30 p.m. on May 4, 2017, when the incident began.

“I spotted the object at about 45-degrees from the horizon in the south,” the witness stated. “The weather was overcast and cloudy with winds from the west at 10-15 mph. When I first saw it, I thought it was a helicopter because of the green flashing lights that at first looked like navigational lights.”

The witness described the object.

“The object had a dark, matte grey or black finish and was silhouetted well against the clouds. It descended to a level where it was obscured by the parking lot tree and then descended to full view across the street. The completely silent object was approximately 60-foot in diameter, saucer-shaped with three white lights on the west facing side and a red glow underneath.”

The object stopped descending and hovered about 20 feet from the ground about 180 feet away from the witness. 

“The object showed no visible signs of propulsion nor did it disturb the vegetation in anyway. At this point my fiancé wanted me to take a picture, so I sent her for my phone in the car. It seems as if the UFO knew she was coming back with a phone because it started moving off as soon as it was in her hand.”

California MUFON Assistant State Director Devlin Rugne investigated this case and closed it as an Unknown UAV.

Here is a case where the witness tried to communicate with the object.

A Canadian witness at Metaghan reported watching a series of cigar or “dumbbell-shaped objects showing no emissions, according to testimony in Case 83637.

The witness was driving towards Yarmouth from Church Point at 8:20 p.m. on May 10, 2017, when she spotted a dumbbell or cigar-shaped object hovering in the southern sky.

The witness noted a difference between these objects and jets.

“The object was significantly larger than a standard jetliner I would normally see in Nova Scotia skies. Nova Scotia is one of the busiest flight paths from international flights reaching US/Canada destinations. The outline of the object was fuzzy and the object(s) themselves were glaringly bright. The shape of the object was cigar-shaped, but with indents in from each respective edge similar to a dumbbell. I felt excited when I saw the objects (enough to call my husband and tell him what I saw!). I said out loud, ‘Hey! I see you! I wonder where you’re from?’ I lost sight of the object(s) when I took my eye off of it (them) as I continued my drive to town.”

Canadian MUFON Field Investigator Paul Bedard investigated this case and closed it as an Unknown Other.

In the following case, the witness believes the object stopped to pose for a photo.

A Florida witness at Cooper City reported capturing a disc-shaped object while taking a photo of the moon, according to testimony in Case 84752.

The witness was in her backyard taking photos of the moon at 10:02 p.m. on July 1, 2017. The woman’s child filed the report for her.
“It sat nicely just beyond the palm trees in her backyard,” the reporting witness stated. “As she focused and snapped the first photo of the moon, she noticed a light zoom into view for a second or less as if the object got into place to be viewed in the photo. This happened so quick that the object appeared for that photo and then disappeared. She did not see any other movements except for the time it zoomed into place. It happened so fast that it was an accident on her part.”

The witness examined the photo.

“After zooming on the photo, I noticed a very bright, white light lining the entire outside edge of what seems to be a disc-shaped object. Also, above the lights you can see a dark, sloping outline and below the lights there seems to be some kind of object protruding out with more lights on it. The object could be upside down. The object seemed to be above the clouds when viewing the photo so it is difficult to guess on the size.”

Florida MUFON Pete Tirado closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

This next case involves a witness who believes the object reacted to it being photographed.

An Ohio witness at Girard reported watching and videotaping a “huge, glowing, disc-shaped craft” hovering over a golf course, according to testimony in Case 85012.

The witness and his family were returning home from shopping at 9:32 p.m. on July 7, 2017.

“This was the second sighting two nights in a row for me,” the witness stated. “Because of the sighting I had the night before, I was being extremely observant of the skies. It was almost dark, but the sun was setting, and the sky was clear with no cloud cover. We turned the corner off Liberty Street that runs parallel with the golf course. As soon as you turn onto this road you have a clear view of the golf course and the skies above it and as soon as I looked up there was a huge glowing, disk-shaped craft just hovering above the golf course.”
The craft was just a short distance from the witness.

“By my estimation it was hovering just above the club house at the time we turned the corner. As we made our way down the street to our house, the craft seem to move closer towards the houses that lined the third hole of the course.”

The witness stopped his vehicle when they reached the school on their right with the craft on their left.

“I immediately froze at first, having been shaken already from the event the night before. I couldn’t believe it was happening again. The size of the craft was huge. Probably about 300 feet long. It was pulsating lights of yellow and red around it and it seemed to make no sound.”

The witness parked his car to inspect the “massive disk-shaped” craft.

“We stood there for about 10 minutes. I took my phone out to get a video because the night before my phone wouldn’t work around the objects and I wanted to try again. This time I was able to get about 18 seconds on video before the craft started to move towards us even more and when it moves overhead of the homes on the course my phone shut down again.”

The object frightened his family.

“This thing scared my daughter and my girlfriend. You can hear them on the video getting scared when it seemed liked the craft was reacting to me filming it. After my phone shut down we got in the car and I took my family home to be safe.”

Ohio MUFON Field Investigator Joseph Pavlansky closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

In this Missouri case, the witness believes the object reacted to the family leaving the sighting scene.

A Missouri witness at Christian County reported watching a “glowing structure that appeared above a house after a flash of three lights, according to testimony in Case 85508.

The events occurred beginning at 9:45 p.m. on July 29, 2017.

“We live out in the country in the Ozark-Rogersville area,” the witness stated. “During the day, a friend and I lit a fire. My friend noticed a plane-like structure off in the distance emitting red lights. The sky was clear with hardly a cloud, but I couldn’t see what she was seeing, even after moving behind her into her field of vision. We laugh about it and moved along. This was approximately 5-6 p.m. Central Time.”
About 9 p.m., the two decided to leave.

“After locking the house and loading the dog into the car, my friend and I sat down in the front seats of the car, ready to start the ignition. I then see a flash of three, bright, white lights in my peripheral vision. They were stacked like a triangle, with two lights on the bottom and one on top. I immediately got out of the car to get closer to the object that appeared after the flash of lights. My friend, on the other hand, told me she was so scared for her life that she didn’t move from her passenger seat in the vehicle.”

The witness described the object they were seeing.

“The object that appeared above the house was about 500 feet from us, and about 50-60 feet up in the air. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It appeared hollow, but not like any hollow 3D structure in that I couldn’t detect a definite inside edge. There were bright, white lights on the structure that appeared to glow from the inside out. Initially, I believed it to be helicopter-sized. I started yelling to my friend, ‘What is that?’ That is when this object stopped hovering above the house and changed directions, coming right toward us in our car. It appeared to be getting smaller the closer it got to us, but never smaller than about 15×15 feet. About 50 feet before our car, this object descends down towards us in a U-shape, then corrects itself and gains elevation. At its lowest point in the descent, I thought it might hit our car and I was afraid for my life – it was no more than 30 feet directly above the top of our car. It then regained its initial elevation of maybe 50 feet and disappeared into the tree line at the edge of the property. We immediately turned on the car, pulled out onto the main road and attempted to see it again, but it had disappeared. The most interesting part of this was not only the almost indescribable shape, but that it seemed to know we were leaving the property. It’s very obvious (and terrifying) lurch towards our car was either on purpose (maybe to scare us?) or the result of whatever was operating it losing control of the structure. Either way, this appeared and disappeared out of nowhere with a clear intent that we should see it. Additionally, this object was completely silent and appeared incredibly aerodynamic. It wasn’t inherently malevolent, but also didn’t appear to be particularly friendly or welcoming. I honestly love reading about UFOs, but now that I have actually seen one, I wish I hadn’t. This was a very scary experience.”

Missouri MUFON State Section Director Emmett Reary closed this case as an Unknown – Other.

In November, a Colorado witness felt an intuition to open his vehicle’s moon roof and look up.

A Colorado witness at Aurora reported watching a hovering, triangular-shaped object, according to testimony in Case 88459.
The witness was driving home at 8:55 p.m. on November 30, 2017.

“I had an intuitive sense to open the moonroof in my Acura RDX – specifically to observe the moon – which my son has been tracking for his class studies,” the witness stated. “When I did, I both saw the moon, as well as a low-flying, triangular-shaped object that appeared stationary. I slowed my vehicle and pulled to the side of the road to observe it. I was almost home, and our subdivision is close to both Buckley Air Force Base as well as wide open space east of the Denver-Aurora metro area. At first glance, I believed the object to be one of the many aircraft often sighted over the Air Force base; however, most of those craft fly during daylight hours, and in 13 years in living at this location, I have never observed a craft looking like this one.”

Colorado MUFON Field Investigators Richard Evans and Deborah Evans closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

This Kansas witness states they received “story flashes” from the object.

A Kansas witness near Manhattan reported watching “twin, star-like balls of light in the sky,” according to testimony in Case 88840.

The witness was driving home at 10 p.m. on December 9, 2017.

“I noticed that the left side of my window was full of stars and the right side was a completely clear sky,” the witness stated. “I looked up to my right and saw two, star-like balls of light that were pulsing and hovering in a general vicinity up in the sky. I saw the balls of light had color, but I couldn’t tell what color, due to the distance. The colors were blurred together. A few seconds later the ball of light on the right takes off in a rainbow-curved shape followed by a red-over-blue streak of light. There is a flash of light and the ball was gone leaving only one floating ball of light in the sky. At that point I thought it was a bomb and was waiting for an explosion. When none came I looked harder at the ball of light. It just continued to hover and pulse in the same spot. Eventually it faded with my drive, but each time I went to look for it I always ended up finding it sitting there watching me. During this whole experience I was getting flashes of someone telling me a story and explaining to me how we will soon become a part of that group. I have an idea for a book based on the story I was told during my experience.”

Kansas MUFON Field Investigator Michael McCord closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

And finally, an Oregon witness believes the object knew they were watching and turned on bright red lights.

An Oregon witness at Ontario reported watching a hovering triangle, according to testimony in Case 89165.

The witness was driving to Vale at 9:15 p.m. on December 23, 2017.

“We just passed Ontario Municipal Airport,” the witness stated. “We both at same time looked up above our car, maybe 100 feet up max, as a triangle-shaped craft turned bright red and as if it knew we were looking. It appeared like it was hovering for a split second and then rocketed so fast away from us, like Mach 5 or 6 – it streaked out of sight. This is within a mile or two of Malheur Butte Volcano. We both think this may be somehow related. We both at the same time said, ‘OMG, did you see that?’”

Oregon MUFON State Director Thomas Bowden closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

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