Review: Hunt for the Skinwalker – documentary by Jeremy Corbell

by Roger Marsh

​Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell released documentary “Hunt for the Skinwalker” to a motivated, anxious and often salivating audience on iTunes September 11, 2018.

The eager response was triggered by the idea of a film version of scientist Colm A. Kelleher and journalist George Knapp’s 2005 book of the same name that detailed a private industry study of a Utah ranch where paranormal and UFO activity was rampant. The family who purchased the ranch endured a series of bizarre interactions with unseen forces. They stayed just short of two years.

Now inject the idea that private industry took the situation seriously and deployed seasoned scientists to study the ongoing events and report back on exactly what the unseen forces were. But as it turns out, those unseen forces weren’t having any of that.

“Something lurks,” Corbell says in the film, “and if you hunt it, it hunts you back.”


Corbell’s vision employs the book as his foundation, acquiring never-before-seen video from Kelleher and Knapp’s investigation time, and moves us to the scene today. New information that supersedes the book is the idea that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) invested in the investigation as well and worked alongside private industry. The documentary release follows the December 2017 news that the DOD had a program all along studying UFOs, despite decades of charming propaganda claiming they ceased interest in UFOs following the shut-down of Project Blue Book in 1969.

Now with all the players out in the open, Corbell reminds us of the ranch’s history and re-tells the encounters that brought everyone to the ranch in the first place. Watch this documentary whether you’ve read the book or not. Individual encounter details are extraordinary. And then buy and read the book – there is a mountain of action in the original print edition not to be missed.

The news here in Corbell’s work is frustrating and mirrors all forms of paranormal investigation. You can only catch glimpses of the unseen forces. It’s as if they can anticipate your every move. They’ve mastered the chess board and you have no chance of winning from the start. Don’t’ expect the film to resolve all the paranormal dilemmas. Corbell had both hands tied behind his back from the start.
“We don’t understand it,” Corbell says, “even after the largest scientific study in history of a paranormal hot spot.”

UFO sightings are merely a backdrop to what’s happening at ground level on the ranch.

Strange activity is playing out right under your nose. Around the corner. Incredible real events that don’t seem possible in a clocked span of time or without sometimes large or sharp tools. But indeed, it happened.

We read it in the book. But my favorite few minutes in the film were Kelleher describing the possible dimensional portal that two scientists saw open up – and his candid description of what crawled out. This is the stuff of cheesy sci-fi cinema. Hollywood couldn’t make this up.

But it happened and was documented. And it’s frightening.

The scientific method was employed and failed. We learn that there is no strong evidence we are dealing with extra-terrestrials. If you seem to understand it and promote a repeatable action, the events change as if they are aware of your work.

We’ve at least reached an age where we’re talking about the paranormal as a legitimate investment. There are intelligence’s out there – all around us – and we wonder if we have anything to worry about. Certainty the government intelligence community has a strong interest.

Now we’re all talking about it.

My advice to Corbell is to get out there and bring another important story to the screen. Buy or rent this downloadable documentary. It’s a great watch. A fun film version of a book favorite with a today update.

The film’s message? We have no idea what’s going on.

“I was like you,” Corbell says, “until I wasn’t.”

from MUFON – UFO News


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